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Residential Tower : 16 floors with total area of 1 Lakh Sq. Ft. and Area of 5000 Sq. Ft.

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Commercial Building:Club House and Swimming pool > 2 Storey building with area of 10,226 Sq. Ft.

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Textile Park : For total area 56270 sq.ft

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Built Environment : QSR Restaurant at Chennai,,Design of Food Court – USA,Transmission Line & Distribution at NE state,Road work at Jabalpur,AAC Block Manufacturing Unit

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Residential Tower > about  16.88 Lakhs sq.ft, IT park > about 16.92 Lakhs sq.ft, Bungalows > 33 nos. G+2 Storey.

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Solar PV power plant > more than 110 MW, BOQ for structural Auditing.

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Residential Towers > G+15 storey -3 Nos, Bungalows>33 Nos. G+2 storey Bungalows including Infra

Bill Certification Service to -

Amenity Building > 4 Nos. PWD Buildings at Mumbai,Commercial Building > About 9 Lakhs Sq. Ft, Solar Power Plant > 18.26 MWp

Car Tech Building

Denver, USA

Nctech Building

Texas, USA

Vax Tech Building

Ontario, CA

Food Lab Building

Athens, GR

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