End to end Consultancy Services


  1. Location Search and Land Identification
  2. Conducting technological & financial due diligence
  3. Due Diligence & Contract Management 
  4. Bid management – Preparation of RFP,BID agreements, formats, site visit with bidders Pre-bid conference, comparison of technical bids, preparation of contract documents etc..
  5. Simulation studies and selection of technology
  6. Handover formalities, project completion report,assistance in commissioning of the project.
  7. O & M Monitoring and reporting
  8. Policy and PPA Advisory
  9. Feasibility Studies and detail project report
  10. Project management of Roftop and ground mounted Grid connected solar projects
  11. Supervision, coordination, QS and Bill Certification.
  12. 3Rd party and factory inspection of major equipment’s such as Modules, MMS, Invertors, Transformers, HT panels, and cables.
  13. TEV reports for Banks
  14. Served Government Companies, Big-4, public limited and private limited Componies, International componies and housing societies.
  15. Detail Design and Engineering work. Expertise in using software tools such as PVsyst, Helioscope, StaadPRO, QGIS, AutoCAD etc.     


Scope of Services

We, as part of our service, we collect the following information to prepare the site assessment report for the proposed land parcel intended for the installation of a solar power plant:Site Access data from revenue record point of view

  • Accessibility of land parcel from various important locations
  • General topography of land
  • Approach road and its conditions
  • Soil type
  • Water bodies if any inside the land parcel
  • Transmission line crossing within or passing along the land
  • Presence of agricultural activities
  • Encroachments, if any
  • Water type and test
  • Details about substation and feeders
  • ROW issues if any
  • Requirement of any developmental activities
  • Quantum of site development
  • Solar Insolation data


Scope of Services

We conduct a thorough feasibility study that includes site analysis, resource assessment, environmental impact assessment, and economic analysis. We also evaluate the regulatory and policy environment, as well as the market conditions for the specific renewable energy technology

Based on the pre-feasibility study conducted, we have prepared a Site Assessment Report (SAR) for the proposed solar power plant. The SAR provides a detailed analysis of the site’s suitability and outlines key findings based on the collected data.


Scope of Services

  • Economic analysis and project feasibility
  • Preparation of DPR, TEV and other reports
  • Market research and Analysis
  • Location Mapping & Product configuration.
  • Modeling of projected demand (for new product and services) Stakeholder consultation and engagement.
  • Due diligence & Competitor intelligence.
  • Financial analysis and advisory for supporting investment decisions.
  • Market or Segment entry strategy advisory


Scope of Services

  • Review of Purchase Order or Contract and drawings
  • Review and check Measurement book, Pour cards & reports for all the works.
  • Check site records and validate works
  • Verify quantities & Check measurements as per drawing.
  • Reconciliation of materials issued by the Client.


Scope of Services

  • Assistance in finding Consortium partner
  • Attending tender related Pre-Bid and other meetings
  • Expression of Interest, Techno-Economic Proposals
  • Evaluating, Submission and Maintaining Analysis of Tenders/Contracts policy.
  • Visit site, ascertain site conditions & collect  information
  • Prepare estimates, advice Client on prospective cost based on site visits and local information
  • Developing Strategy for Tender Pricing and negotiation.
  • Coordination and representation on behalf of consortium partners for collection, compiling and submit bid document on time.


Scope of Services

  • Contract Preparation, administration and Management
  • Consultant & Contractor selection
  • Project Budget, cash flow, budget analysis and control
  • Milestone chart and schedule of the project.
  • Project Co-ordination and Monitoring
  • Developing procurement strategy & Quality Control
  • Coordination with all Agencies
  • Carry out final Inspections with Client.